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Berner is honored to supply snack condiments to almost every chipper distributor in the United States. We conduct business 'hands on' and service chipper distributors direct, all the way from manufacturing through distribution of their branded regionally based products to stores. With our complete understanding of the Direct Store Delivery System, we are able to serve chipper distributors efficiently and effectively.


We are proud of the fact that nearly all major regional providers of snacks and chips partner with Berner for their snack condiment needs. Over the years, we have developed expertise and time-proven, customer tested formulations unique to Berner and the industry. Focus groups demonstrate that consumers prefer the taste, texture, quality, and consistency of Berner products.


At Berner, we service every size of chipper distributor, from XS to XL, with our capability to move all classes of trade through our network, with equal attention and care. We have a passion for the different regions of our country and work diligently to help our chippers create specific formulas unique to the consumer tastes of the market they serve. From the nuances of southern Texas bean dip varieties to stadium style cheddar in New England, we can specifically match a formula or flavor, regionally driven for the market you serve.


Berner supports our distributor partners on many levels, providing vital research and development assistance, category insights, packaging development, and regulatory compliance supervision. We also lead the industry with state-of-the-art technology to give our partners the best pricing possible on the safest and highest quality products. We support marketing and sales plans and are one of the only companies that can develop customized, exclusive regional formulas to meet market needs. We understand your environment, simplify the process with our Direct Store Delivery System (DSD), and also partner with several large foodservice distributors supplying products to all corners of the United States and Canada.

quality that matters

Nothing is more important to us than the quality and consumer experience of your product. That is why we use only fresh producer milk—straight from the farm and never more than 4 hours old—to create your foods and beverages. We aren’t just committed to the highest quality standards, we do what we say we are going to do, just like we have every day over the last 70 years. We combine operational excellence with flexible, tailored solutions to make your product all ‘yours’—and the best that it can be.

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