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With services encompassing concept & development to commercialization & production, Berner offers you the added value of a truly turnkey project. Our Smart-Force™ system combines syndicated POS data with our own internal data, to create competitive profiles highlighting areas of potential and offering actionable insights that can help increase your business.

Shipper displays | Multi-packs | Display-ready pallets | Seasonality & Category analysis reporting


You can count on Berner to provide the packaging your product demands, with a variety of packaging options that include glass jars and bottles, aluminum cans, portion control cups, and shrink film labeling. We also have the capabilities to produce high-quality, low-cost custom packaging to keep your product up-to-date and competitive in the marketplace. Our relationship with an award-winning advertising firm offers you creative packaging support.


Glass Jars

15 oz, 16 oz, 23 oz


Glass Bottles

9.5 oz, 13.7 oz


Aluminum Cans

‘pop can’ (11 & 15 oz) ‘slim style’ (8 & 11 oz)


Aerosol Cans

8 oz

Our Facilities

Our substantial investment in our recent expansion has tripled our facility to 290,000 square feet for the space to produce the product you need, when you need it.

Learn more about the expansion on our Facilities page:


Our warehouses provide convenience and support for our customers. Our internal services and trained staff members ensure that your product is in regulatory compliance of all applicable federal laws, and we have a dedicated transportation team to handle all transportation orders of inbound and outbound transit. When high service levels are needed to optimize your product turn, storage and logistics management services give you the ability to draw from pre-made stock, so you do not run out of inventory.

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Packaging Success Story

A clear label reveals a dip's true color


    Our regional snack customer wanted to convert their applied paper wrap-around label to a clear plastic one for better visibility.


    We helped our customer think outside the label, meet their criteria, and achieve their innovative goal of the same visibility as a national brand.


    With increased product visibility, our customer has experienced a sales increase of 20.38%. Since consumers ‘eat with the eyes’, they are more inclined to purchase when they can really see how delicious a product looks. By meeting our customer’s challenge, we helped elevate their business to another level.