getting started


At Berner, we have the unique ability to take a concept, convert it into a prototype, test it, and ultimately, ramp up to full commercialization and production. Our research and development team has vast experience in the development and management of shelf stable products. Our sales and marketing teams are dedicated to serve your needs, providing reports and marketplace trends to keep you ahead of the curve when developing new products. Our eager-to-solve attitude is focused on customer solutions and rapid turnaround, and not constrained by past practices or a ‘we don’t do it that way’ mentality. We offer the capabilities to help you meet consumers’ ever-growing nutritional choices, including free-from claims and various dietary restrictions.


With 100 years of combined experience in the development, manufacturing and commercialization of shelf stable products, we understand the challenges the manufacturing process can present to product development, and we thrive on meeting those challenges.

We have the knowledge and ability to create a product, from idea development to concept to commercialization, for our private label customers and to adapt and commercialize products for our co-man customers, who come to us with their own formula. With our collaborative approach, we are as involved as you would like us to be. Our extensive thermal process development and testing methodology assure the faithful execution of your products.


Berner is one of the largest and most successful producers of retort products in North America. Retort processing is one of the safest and most flexible ways to make low acid/high pH foods commercially sterile and shelf stable, but it also presents challenges due to high heat exposure. At Berner, we understand the process and have been formulating with stable emulsions that accommodate those challenges and any associated changes in flavor.

High heat and pressure on hermetically sealed container

Commercially sterile, shelf-stable product

Ability to stabilize and nuance flavor

Economical way to increase shelf life

All natural emulsification systems that can withstand high-temp processing

Safest, flexible way to make low acid/high pH foods shelf stable


Building a better French onion dip


    Our regional branded customer came to us to help them improve the quality of their current shelf-stable French onion dip and make it as delicious as a refrigerated dairy version.


    We jumped in and took the leap with our customer, and began the process of developing, testing, and tweaking ingredients throughout, to achieve their goals and standards.


    With improved flavor, texture and color, not only did the improved French onion dip taste better; it performed better as well. In just the first six months, the reformulated dip created an 11% increase in volume. The better-tasting product has continued to perform, generating a total volume increase of 13% to date.